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Childhood Memories

As a kid playing around outside consumed most of my spare time.  Outdoor activities ranged from digging a hole in the backyard so we could build a fountain (without Mom’s permission of course), climbing trees, playing soldiers running around a field of landmines, boarding a train of plastic chairs, or splashing in the puddles during the rain.  One constant in these range of activities were the clogs that sat outside the backdoor.  We had a couple of pairs of clogs given to us from our Danish grandmother, or Mormor as we called her, one red pair, the other blue.  They were made with a solid wooden bottom, and a stapled leather upper.  I always thought they were ugly, and a mere matter of necessity when you left the house to play without shoes on.  I was recently shopping for shoes when I came across some clogs that as it happened were from Danmark.

Upon closer inspection I noticed the similarities in the construction of these new clogs and the ones from my childhood.  The same wooden soles, and stapled leather upper, with modern decorations added of course.  I tried on a pair and it was as though my Mormor was there.

It was like stepping through a time warp back to my younger years of running through the yard wearing those ‘silly’ shoes.  As a grown up wearing the same style clogs is such a different experience.

I take great pride in my Danish heritage, I am one quarter Dane and it is that culture I identify with the most.  My Mormor started teaching me about Danmark when I was very young, she instilled in me an excitement about Danmark that has grown exponentially as I have aged.

I bought a pair of the Danish clogs and revel in wearing them.  Every moment they are on my feet is one where my Mormor is walking with me even though she is no longer here.


A Small Escape

The Red Rock in Southern Utah is Astounding!  Such magnificent rock formations decorated with such brilliant colors.  Mix in a little sunrise or sunset light and it’s complete magic.

I trotted off to Southern Utah last weekend in hopes of spending my weekend hiking, hiking, and just for fun a little more hiking.  I managed a seven mile hike the night I arrived, sloshing through the mud and snow until my tennis shoes were soaked through and through.  I was not prepared to hike in the snow.  Camping alone in weather below freezing, not a problem!  My sleeping bag is cozy warm especially while I am decked out in ski attire head to toe.  But with the warm weather Salt Lake has experienced this winter, we’ve barely seen a flake of snow, I never would’ve guessed Southern Utah had been stealing it all.  After my hike I headed back up to Salt Lake to spend my weekend defrosting my toes in bed.

It was a fabulous adventure all the same.  The best part was hiking around in the dark with my handy dandy flashlight.  Although I am ashamed to admit that I scared myself once or twice creating shadows with my flashlight and bushes.  The shadows of plants share uncanny resemblances to giant mountain lions when seen out of the corner of my eye.

Everything was completely breath taking.  I was so pleased to start my hike just as the sun was setting.  The light illuminated the rocks in an other worldly fashion, my photographs don’t do Mother Nature justice.

I can’t wait to go again, and next time I will remember to stash an extra pair of boots in the trunk just in case.

A Year of Growth

2011 was a year of self discovery.   A year to rediscover who I am, and what life truly holds.  Excitement is bubbling as the year changes, an opportunity to apply the many things learned in the past year.  To revel in the many moments of adventure, behind and ahead.  To remember the difficult moments, the seemingly impossible moments, and see what one is actually capable of.

It is a very difficult thing for pictures to make it off my computer.  Images from sessions always make it into the hands of clients, however the photographs I take of my own family, my child, my life, are inescapably trapped on my hard drive(s).  I have a large antique frame that sits empty above my fireplace, where it has resided for months.  2012 will be a year of photographs showcasing everything.  The small simple beautiful things, along with the grand adventures.  What is life without the simple beautiful moments?

One of my 2012 resolutions is to fill the bare walls of my home with memories, to find the perfect picture to fill that frame, to create books filled with years of life.  Remember everything so you can always learn from your past and find joy in it.

‘Tis the Holiday Season

Last weekend I received a last minute invite to a slumber party at a cabin up Emigration Canyon with a wonderful group to celebrate Christmas.  I walked into the cabin with snow on my shoes, facing a sofa piled with people cuddling in front of a fire.  Friends with only one member of the almost 20 person group, I wasn’t sure what to expect over the weekend.  I was a stranger entering into a well woven group of friends.  What I found was kindness, love, and pure joy.  And if that wasn’t enough add to it delicious and elaborate home cooked meals, a hot tub filled to the brim with laughter, three oh so loveable Labradors, well-stuffed stockings, a perfect hike in the morning through the snow to an exquisite work of art created by Mother Nature herself, excellent music, and more photography chit chat than I could have hoped for.Cinnamon rolls were part of our breakfast feast.  Watching their preparation was half the fun, eating them was the other half.

We each brought along 15-20 stocking stuffers to place in each others stockings.  Everyone anticipated opening them like kids waiting for Christmas.  It made me feel like I was 5 again.

On our hike our trail was blocked by this amazing geyser shooting up out of the ground.  The water froze in a giant pine-cone like ice sculpture with other delicate ice creations off to the side.

A weekend filled with the spirit of Christmas.


Family described in one word: love.  A buffer from the storm that is life.  The people who know about your own unique version of what is.  What is fun.  What is childhood.  What is togetherness.

They know all the inside jokes.  The movie quotes.   They know just how to make you laugh.

Relationships woven as you grow up together under the same roof provide comfort that weather you through all the broken hearts and  unfortunate woes that come with being a teenager.

More memories are created with these special friends during our adulthood.  The experiences of bringing new life into the world, creating new branches on our family trees.

Family is love.

new life

People often ask what my favorite subject is and I always answer newborns.  No contest.  This response is often followed by surprise.  Apparently newborns are less cooperative than other subjects, or so they say.  I don’t think any of the newborns I have photographed have been told this.Every newborn I have met shines with a unique personality and spirit.  It is amazing how much of who we are is present during the early days of life.  They each have their own unique set of preferences.Some are asleep throughout most of the session, but most are awake ready to be seen and heard and are coaxed into a few moments of sleep at the end of the session.  More often than not they are looking about the room offering up their yawns, frowns, and if I’m lucky smiles.  The newborn gaze is astounding.  Sight is the most underdeveloped of the five senses upon exiting the womb, and still newborns study their surroundings with what little sight they have.  They arrive in this world ready to learn and grow.

the leaves are rustling gustily

I met little boy ‘C’ last weekend on a chilly Sunday morning.  Winter is coming in hard on the heels of fall, but that did nothing to deter this little boy from having a blast during our portrait session that morning.  Rosy cheeks and a red nose on a wind-kissed face. The season’s change and magic is in the air.  I find great joy in the colors that come with fall and the changing of leaves.  Leaves are dancing through the air and I am right there with them.  There is an immense satisfaction to be found out of raking leaves into a giant pile and then collapsing into it.  The crunching of dried leaves under your boots.  Tossing a bunch of leaves into the face of unsuspecting bystander.  Watching bits of leaves fall through your fingers as you crumble them to pieces.  Such a beautiful time for capturing love and joy. Life never changes faster than it does in the fall.  Today I drove by what’s left of a large pumpkin patch.  Once it was empty, then tiny green leaves broke out of the ground and soon became a tangled field full of vines and green orbs. Now all that remains are a few orange pumpkins, the last of the year’s harvest.

Find the joy in every season; revel in the change around you.

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